Cadenza Kantori  is a mixed choir comprising  young men and women (ages 15 to 35). Most of them have been members from Mumbai’s popular children’s choir ‘The Gleehive’. Their involvement with serious choral music began ten years ago, when they participated in Chorfestival 2004 - an International Festival of Sacred Music held by the Pueri Cantores in Germany.

Cadenza Kantori has youngsters who are either college students or young people who have just graduated but also includes some working professionals. The one thing they all have in common is the zeal to pursue choral music. Over the years, they have gradually developed a love and appreciation for music from a variety of different genres, enabling their repertoire to range from classical to jazz, pop, and even Hindustani, of which their original a cappella works in Indian languages have received much acclaim.

However unlike other performance groups, Cadenza Kantori goes beyond the realm of just practise and performance, collectively choosing each of its activities with a clear purpose and conviction, which tie into its mission of ‘collaboration and growth’.

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